About Us

About Us

MEPCor is a leading provider of innovative Building Information Modeling (BIM) and construction solutions. With a strong focus on leveraging cutting-edge technology, we empower the construction industry to enhance project efficiencies, improve collaboration, and achieve exceptional outcomes.

Our Culture

Joseph Binning founded MEPCor Inc. in 2009. Its purpose was to add value to smaller companies who could not take part in the BIM process, otherwise known as the Project Coordination Process, due to lack of trained personnel and resources. When Joseph first started in the process in 1997, the technology we have today did not exist.

His first experience in Project Coordination requirements was plotting out to scale drawings of each trade’s elements on Velum, aka tracing paper, and doing an overlay on a glass table with lights underneath it, looking for potential conflicts that would occur during construction. He has since seen the industry grow and the resources become greater and easier to get. With that brings about its own set of problems. It’s his opinion that today’s design teams rely more on the software to design, rather than construction knowledge. Thus, creating the need for the construction teams to coordinate the finished design in order to “make it fit”

“If your customer doesn’t trust the product you are delivering, it’s all a waste of time and money to both yourself and your client and they surely won’t come back.”                                                                           -Joseph Binning
The Power of BIM - An Introduction to Building Information Modeling

Joseph Binning (CEO of MEPCor)